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Sevices and philosophy of Autism Farm Community Network


Safe home and environment

The primary mission of the Autism Farm Community Network organizations is to provide social care, that can be planned even for the entire lifetime. By operating day care institutions and support services we ensure that individuals living with autism can stay with their families. By providing relief in everyday life our aim is to promote the integrity of the family, and to support parents in achieving their status appropriate to their individual and social tasks. By establishing care homes we acknowledge the rights of adults with autism to live completely or partly independently according to their capabilities. We bear in mind the endeavors of parents looking for a comforting solution due to concerns about  their child's long-term future. With various social programs (temporary care, trainings, professional guidance and self-help groups, camps, etc.) we help to prepare people with autism and their families to realize the highest possible level of independent living. Our long-term  goal is to take part in the development of different forms of subsidized housing, once the legal and economic opportunities are established.


Everyday life

The members of the Autism Farm Community Network strive to establish the highest possible degree of complex autism-specific services and prosthetic environment. Our main goal is to provide personalized lifestyle support, as a result of which the quality of life for those living with autism reaches the level of social norms.

Main areas:

·          Self-sufficiency and household activities

·          Relationships and community relations

·          Lifelong learning

·          Employment and other activities

·          Leisure, sport and health-protection

·          Rights and obligations

·          Decision-making competence and using money

·          Active participation in society


Value-creating work

One of the main specialties of the Autism Farm Community Network is the innovative employment structure, with many opportunities of job creation for people with autism.
We believe that we can achieve the social acceptance of autism by providing useful, value-creating work. In Hungary, a wide range of employment choices of the autism farm communities offer realistic perspective and a positive vision for people with autism.

Job opportunities:

·          Gardening: outdoor, greenhouse and walk-in plastic tunnel, orchard

·          Park maintenance, Forestry

·          Animal husbandry, Processing and sale of milk, eggs, meat

·          Kitchen- and other food production

·          Manufactures: folk crafts and handicrafts

·          Industrial production: various workshops

·          Catering: providing meals and accommodation

·          Trade: permanent and temporary product sales

·          Other services: tourism, forest school, etc.


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